A sculpture by Subirachs' representing the ladder of knowledge

Subirachs' Ladder of Knowledge in Montserrat, Spain. (cc) degreezero2000

Building Wiki Communities

currently a collection of notes, tips, and ideas on using wikis for instruction, administration and research

Instructional Wikis

Why wiki?

Wiki Pedagogy

  • Wiki Teaching Tips - "best practice" for incorporating wikis into instruction
  • Instructional Challenges - What are the main challenges instructors face when implementing wiki projects into the curriculum?
  • What guidelines do you recommend for wiki projects? How do you balance the benefits of free collaboration with the need for some structure?
  • UW Wiki Projects - Summaries of notable wiki projects throughout the UW system
  • What's the difference between a wiki and a blog?

Designing successful wiki tasks

  • Audience
  • Authorship Models and Collaborative Roles
  • Assessment

Wikis for Administration and Research

Further Reading

  • Links to articles and resource guides on wikis in education