Welcome to the WiscWiki team!

First Steps for New Team Members

  1. Wikispaces orientation - If you're new to wikis you might first want to check out these short movies, which provide an introduction to wikispaces. You can also head over to our sandbox and begin experimenting with page edits. Once you're ready, some of wikispaces' more advanced functions can be found under instructional pages.
  2. Create a member profile - Once you're comfortable with wiki editing, you can create your member profile page. You can see the other members' profiles here.
  3. Your wiki projects - If you have experience with wikis, please add a short project description to our collection of UW System Wiki Projects
  4. Team Portal - The team portal is your portal to all things wiscwiki. Visit the portal to read and share WiscWiki News, to find oppportunities to help build the WiscWiki site, and to contribute to exciting wiki discussions
  5. Stay informed - To keep up on WiscWiki updates, you can turn on email or RSS notifications.