the visual editor is lovely, but it's far from the only tool at our disposal. when you're ready to move beyond the buttons and see just what this wikispaces thing can do, look no further.

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wikitext (or wiki markup language) is like html, only simpler and specific to wikis. the majority of the tips and tricks on this page utilize wikitext. if you haven't already visited the link on the front page, click here now for a list of the wikitext tags available within wikispaces.

graphic-less hyperlinks to uploaded files

the ability to upload files is very handy, but sometimes graphical representation of the file just gets in the way. go from this:

to this

by typing in the following wikitext: [[|text of link]].

unformatted wikitext

sometimes, such as in the tip found above, it can be helpful to show the exact wikitext one must input in order to accomplish something. unfortunately, the system takes any text surrounded by double brackets and either executes it or turns it into a link. single brackets are an admission of defeat, so here's a workaround that exploits the fact that the embed media tool recognizes html:

click on the tv-looking button and enter <nop>, followed by the wikitext you want displayed. you'll be greeted by a big gray box that says "custom". this is because you've just created a custom embedded media file. click save, and the text will appear exactly as you typed it.

displaying the contents of another page.

the contents of multiple other pages can be displayed as sections on a single page. to do so, just utilize the following wikitext: [[include page="page title"]]

in order to allow for easy editing of such sections, just place a link titled "edit this section" above each section. from within the link editor, be sure to choose "outside link" (there's an odd kink in the system such that it doesn't allow links to many of its own internal pages) and type in "wiscwikis.wikispaces.compage/edit/page+name."

creative page links

you can use the same method outlined above to link to other pages, for example:

a user info page - ""
a list of all the pages tagged with a certain word or words - ""

here's a quick reference list of handy wikispaces urls.

back to top

laziness is the great motivator. instead of having to scroll all the way back up to the top of a long page, why not just utilize a back to top link? there's one at the bottom of this page.

anchors are swell, but we don't need one here. just type "back to top", place it between two dividers so it looks all fancy-like, and link to the page you're already on. when the link is clicked the page will reload, magically transporting you back to the top.

thicker, healthier divider lines

it's possible increase the thickness of divider lines.

just insert two lines:

then click so the cursor is to the left of the bottom line, and hit delete. the lines should combine, like so:

(you can accomplish the same thing by clicking the insert divider line button when the cursor is already sitting next to a divider. although the system is occasionally more persnickety about that sort of thing.)

the effect is cumulative:

almost to the point of absurdity, honestly:

additional tips

some other wikispaces functions already have their own explanatory pages:
  • anchors - these can be used to navigate directly to a specific section on any page.
  • image tags - learn how to manually alter the properties of images.
  • embedding media - this one's pretty self explanatory.
  • code - how to use color-highlighted source code blocks on pages
  • blog integration - how to integrate your blog with your wikispace
  • rss includes - how to include rss feed summaries in pages
  • theme components - how to modify your theme using html markup.
  • wikispaces help page - if you haven't already visited this page, you should. it's got some useful information. for example, most of this section was copied and pasted from there. be sure to also check out the discussion tabs on these pages (and on the wikispaces homepage) for more helpful bits regarding these and other features.

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