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Abandoned Team Portal:

This page is a portal for [[tag/view/member profiles|members]] of the wiscwikis project. As opposed to the general homepage, which is intended for those unfamiliar with the project, this is a centralized communication hub from which to access the nuts and bolts necessary to keep the project running.

Welcome to the new Team Portal. Please feel free to [[message/list/team homepage|discuss]] the recent changes to the site's design.

Projects Underway

Major undertakings can be found below.

Wendy, Nancy, and Jakob are currently at work on a grant possibility; however, the application is due soon so if you're interested now's the time to jump right in.

The following indivual pieces will eventually come together and combine, Voltron-like, to create The WiscWikis Resource Guide.
  • A Wiki Resource Guide by any other name. We're still not sure exactly what to call this thing, once it's finished. Weigh in on others' proposed working titles or suggest your own.
  • How do you explain to to your friends what, exactly, you're doing with that floating toolbar and why it's so exciting? Here's where we collect and create wiki definitions.
  • More importantly, how do you explain it to your department head? This section addresses the implications wikis have for teaching and learning.
  • It's still a relatively new technology, but what does research have to say on the subject of wikis?
  • We all face them - here are the instructional challenges facing wiki users in an academic setting.
  • These are summaries of notable wiki projects throughout the UW system.
  • Our wikis are nothing if not cautionary example. Here are some tips on how to incorporate wikis into instruction.
  • Where do you even begin? These are some first steps for each system campus to take as they get started with wikis.

Abandoned Project Resources Page:

| Info Gathering Pages | Conversations to Join | Instructional Pages | Additional Resources

Info Gathering Pages

  • Describe the wiki projects currently under way on your campus on our UW Wiki Projects page.
  • Note the wiki software with which you're familiar (if any) on our software notes page.

Conversations to Join

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a wiki farm versus hosting your own?
  • What do you really wish wikis could do?
  • What guidelines do you recommend for wiki projects? How do you balance the benefits of free collaboration with the need for some structure in your wiki projects?
  • Add your own links to articles and resource guides on wikis in education, or just see what other team members found valuable.

Instructional Pages

  • How to turn on email notifications (and why you might want to).
  • If you're interested in learning more about editing wikispaces pages, check out this guide to Wikitext.
  • Can't get enough of wikitext? There are even more bells and whistles.
  • Should you be particularly enamored of wikispaces, here's a simple guide to creating your own space.

Additional Resources

  • Our mission statement, as it were, also exists as a downloadable PDF document.
  • Like any self-respecting team, we have a fancy logo. Click here to learn more about it.

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