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WiscWiki 2007

April 13, 2007 in Van Hise Hall at UW-Madison.

Registration for WiscWiki 2007 is closed, but you can still participate in the morning sessions online! See our online conference page for more information.

Conference Schedule


9:30-10 AM (294 Van Hise)

  • Coffee and Registration - Informal time to meet and greet while people arrive.

10-10:15 AM (294 Van Hise)

  • Welcome to WiscWiki 2007 - Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz and Doug Worsham

10:15 - 11:50 (294 Van Hise)

  • Wiki Project Roundtable - Participants share 5 minute summaries of their wiki projects. These will be video-recorded and put on the WiscWiki site as examples of what people around the system are doing.
    • Jean Janecki (UW-Lacrosse) via Skype!
    • Cheryl Diermyer (UW-Madison)
    • John Hubbard (UW-Milwaukee)
    • Rick Hunter (UW-Madison)
    • Jakob Iversen (UW-Oshkosh)
    • Karen Klyczek (UW-River Falls)
    • Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (UW-Parkside)
    • Matt Livesey (UW-Stout)
    • Lauren Rosen (UW System) & Kasumi Kato (UW-Whitewater)
    • Doug Worsham (UW-Madison)

12:00-12:30 (294 / 274 Van Hise)

  • First set of facilitated discussions For the facilitated discussions, subgroups will focus on particular topics. The goal is to expand on the information collected on the WiscWiki site so far, start filling in the blanks, and provide the foundation for future exploration of the topic on the WiscWiki site after the conference
    • Collaboration & Authorship Models - 294 Van Hise (Facilitator - Hunter / Notes - Crafton)
    • Assessment Strategies - 274 Van Hise (Facilitator - Rosen / Notes - Cramer)
    • Choosing a wiki platform - 274 Van Hise (Facilitator - Iversen/ Notes - Diermyer)


12:30-1:30 (1418 Van Hise)

  • Networking Lunch - Get to know the WiscWiki Team!


1:30-2:00 (1418 Van Hise)

  • Second set of facilitated discussions
    • Designing Effective Wiki tasks (Facilitator - Rosen / Notes - Klyczek)
    • Wiki hosting, both private and open - what does every admin need to know? (Facilitator - Livesey/Hubbard / Notes - Bustamante)

2:00-2:30 (1418 Van Hise)

  • Third set of facilitated discussions
    • Community Building in Wiki space - what works, what doesn't? Group A - (Facilitator - Leeds-Hurwitz)
    • Community Building in Wiki space - what works, what doesn't? Group B - (Facilitator - Worsham)

2:40-3:10 PM (294 Van Hise)

  • What's next for the WiscWiki team? (Leeds-Hurwitz & Worsham)
    • What have we done that can be shared/useful?
    • What are the issues at each UW campus, and how can these be resolved?
    • How do we take the information we've compiled and put it into other useful formats?
    • How do we make this resource available to interested instructors?
      • expand on the information we've previously collected in the Resource guide through what we learned at the conference, prepare "tip sheets" to articulate best practices that can then be posted on WiscWiki
    • Create an online showcase of exemplary educational uses?
    • ...(what other topics?)

3:15-4:15 (294 Van Hise)

  • LTDC grant participants will have a time to meet and talk about next year's activities (Those who are not officially part of the grant will be welcome to participate in the discussions on April 13, and also to informally participate in the conversations next year if interested. The goal of the grant is to collect data on using wikis in classrooms, so everyone who is planning to use a wiki in a course is welcome.)

Travel Resources

Essential Questions

What is this?

WiscWikis 2007 is an opportunity for people throughout the UW-System to share their knowledge and experience with using wikis for instruction, administration, and research. The event is an extension of the ongoing online collaboration of the WiscWiki Team and a group of Learning Technology Development Council wiki grantees. Registration for the event is now closed, but there are opportunities to participate in the morning sessions online. Please contact Wendy or Doug if you are interested in attending online.

WiscWikis 2007 is funded by an OPID (Office of Professional Instructional Development Grant), hosted by L&S Learning Support Services at UW-Madison, and made possible by the effort and support from groups and individuals throughout the UW-System.

Who is planning to attend?

  • Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (Parkside), Jakob Iversen (Oshkosh), Doug Worsham (Madison), Lauren Rosen (UW CLP), Matt Livesey (Stout), John Hubbard (Milwaukee), Cheryl Diermyer (Madison), Karen Klyczek (River Falls), Shi Hae Kim (Parkside), Linda Crafton (Parkside), Nancy Chick (UW Barron County), Ron Cramer (Madison), Kasumi Kato (Whitewater), Cecilia Bustamante (River Falls), Martin Pflug (Superior), Rick Hunter (Madison), David Delgado (UW-Whitewater).

Attending Online

We'll be offering an online video stream of the morning session, so that people throughout the UW-System can join in on the WiscWikis roundtable. We'll also have a chatroom available so that remote participants can make comments and ask questions via text chat. We'll select a chat moderator in Madison to relay chat questions and comments back to the group. It should be fun!

See our online conference page for more information about attending online!

Will computers will be available for presenters?

  • Yes, but if you prefer, bring your own!