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First Year Experience

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Lorna Wong

Director, Instructional Technology Services, Wiki Guru!


I am responsible for faculty techology support and all other instructional technology services on my campus. This includes support of D2L, media services, DE classes, computing labs and classroom technology.

John McCormick

Ad Hoc Instructor, English


I'm very excited about utilizing wiki technology for groups as they work on their papers together. I also think that it'd be a lot of fun to gather a couple instructors together and have all their classes working towards one larger wiki. I like this one because one need not learn html to insert links, and can link within the wiki too!

Dean Culpepper
UW-River Falls

I hope I am doing this correctly

Well it looks like I am .

Elaine O Hardwick, Asst Professor, Dept. of Biology, UWRF
I teach intro biology, cell and molecular biology, and general microbiology. One focus for the intro biology course is to introduce students to content lecture concepts and lab techniques that they will encounter in more detail in the cell and micro courses, as well as other biology courses.

Karla Zhe,UWRFI teach many classes including DANC 100/ Dance Appreciation. This class is a fine arts option with the genereal education requirements. I would like to try and incorporate wiki technology into the DANC 100 class

Jude Rathburn, Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business and Economics, UWRF

I am the project coordinator, so I thought I'd better figure out how to use this wiki tool myself. I would also like to create a page where we can talk about the learning objectives that we are trying to achieve by use of a wiki in our first year courses. What do you think?????