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evolving observations about wikispaces (in no particular order):

  1. embedded media look broken from inside edit mode. they aren't. they work fine in preview mode and once they've been saved.
  2. floating toolbar is handy, but the image editing palette definitely gets in the way due to page area constraints.
  3. the site seems optimized to deal with text, rather than images. plain text, in particular. lots of formatting issues have been popping up as i poke around and explore.
  4. some keyboard shortcuts are possible, even though they aren't graphically represented as options within the editor. undo being chief among these.
  5. images take up space. if you place a right-justified image at the top of a page then left-justified text needs to start on the second line of the page.
  6. images sometimes get *stuck*. i'm still not sure why this happens. justification is reset, and a "=" appears. sometimes the image itself is replaced with the text of its name (eg, "image.jpg"). however, the system still treats this text as an image. occasionally the text remnant of an image cannot be deleted. backspace fixes that problem right quick.
  7. manipulating images is definitely most reliable when working directly with image tags.
  8. the easiest fix in many cases (see above) seems to be resorting to brute force - wiki markup language, or wikitext.
  9. formatting (inlcuding links) is retained when text is copied and pasted from one wikispaces page to another.
  10. i think we need more interconnectedness. by which i mean embedded contextual links. a small example is linking the photos on our member profiles back to our user info pages.
  11. i'd like to figure out the difference between what one can (and can't) do with regular versus organizer status.
  12. the draft recovery system is extremely wonky. it keeps popping up at unhelpful times. not sure what sets it off.
  13. why on earth do tags float like that instead of staying at the actual bottom of the page?
  14. what is it that makes saving such a lengthy process for the system?
  15. i'm also having trouble finding a wikitext glossary *anywhere*. you'd think someone would have come up with something by now.
  16. table of contents (toc) only works if you have short section titles (without re-named links), and if nothing else on the page uses heading 1 2 or 3.
  17. the visual editor button for italics keeps breaking. i can't unitalicize text.
  18. we may want to implement both style and title guidelines
  19. the list function is mad wonky of late.
  20. what the heck time zone is this thing on, anyway? well, the answer is pacific standard time (pst). which explains why "recent changes" sometimes credits me with page edits from before i woke up.

observations that have been duly noted:

  1. patterns in wikispaces page urls.
  2. using the embed media tool to display unformatted wikitext.
  3. discussion tab on the main page is helpful.
  4. how to hyperlink directly to files without icons.
  5. user guide for simple and complex operations.
  6. the guide to anchors is now linked to in half a dozen places.
  7. divider lines are now part of bells and whistles
  8. an faq tag has been created