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WiscWiki 2007 LTDC Grant: Collaborative Hub

(LTDC = Learning Technology Development Council)

Get started with wikis and this space through this 2-minute tutorial of Wikispaces.

Description of Overarching Project

This collaborative, inter-institutional project will focus and structure a handful of investigations of wikis as sites for meaningful interactions in two deliberate ways:
  • Student Learning Projects: examine sites of students' collaborative learning, demonstration of such learning, and instructors' assessments of learning in both single and multi-multidisciplinary course settings and in both undergraduate and graduate collaborations; and
  • WiscWiki Collaborative Hub: the site for all faculty collaborations on this project and thus an illustration of how wikis can be used for professional development activities--from brainstorming and organizing, to collaborative writing of formal materials, to public sharing of products. Through the various activities involved in this large project, we will also be evaluating a variety of wiki platforms for their utility in an educational setting.

Project Participants

English Partners
Nancy Chick (co-principal investigator), Associate Professor of English, UW-Barron County
Holly Hassel, Assistant Professor of English, UW-Marathon County
Chuck Rybak, Assistant Professor of English, UW-Washington County
Rebecca Meacham, Assistant Professor of English, UW-Green Bay

Geography Partners
Cary Komoto, Professor of Geography, UW-Barron County
Keith Montgomery, Professor of Geography, UW-Marathon County
Garry Running, Associate Professor of Geography, UW-Eau Claire

Business Partners
Jakob Iversen (co-principal investigator), Associate Professor of Business, UW-Oshkosh
Michael Eierman, Professor of Business, UW-Oshkosh
George Philip, Professor of Business, UW-Oshkosh

Teacher Education Project
Linda Crafton, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, UW-Parkside

Multidisciplinary Partners
Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (co-principal investigator), Professor of Communication, UW-Parkside
Shi Hae Kim, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, UW-Parkside
Linda Crafton, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, UW-Parkside
Evaluation: Theresa Castor, Associate Professor of Communication, UW-Parkside

Wiki Platform Evaluation
Jakob Iversen (co-principal investigator), Associate Professor of Business, UW-Oshkosh
Rasika Hemachandra, Graduate Student in Business, UW-Oshkosh

Links to Pages for Learning Projects

Grant Participant Responsibiliites

This is a summary of what those involved in the grant will do during 2007-08.

Calendar of Events and Deadlines

11:00 - 3:00pm
UW Oshkosh
Face to Face meeting 1
All on project
Please go to this page to see the F2F meeting planning notes. (LTDC will cover expenses)
Oct 11-12

LTDC's bi-annual meetings
Nancy Chick
We should present project, as per grant award (LTDC will cover expenses)

Face-to-face meeting at ending of this project
All on project
(LTDC will provide funding)
August 7 (pending Alan's schedule)
Teleconference with Alan Foley
Co-PIs (Chick, Leeds-Hurwitz, Iversen)
Touch base on project's beginning
Before January 31, 2008

Teleconference with Alan Foley
Co-PIs (Chick, Leeds-Hurwitz, Iversen)
Mid-year review
August 31, 2008

Co-PIs (Chick, Leeds-Hurwitz, Iversen)
Deliver report on the overall project to OLIT and LTDC.
From the grant award letter: we need to "contribute materials, white papers, reports, research, etc., to the LTDC community via http://minds.wisconsin.edu/ (Information and guidelines for submitting to Minds@UW will follow during the next academic year.)"
See also the original timeline from the grant application (to evolve into a correct one for the project).


  • The LTDC Curricular Redesign Grant Narratives (updated to delete person who dropped out):
  • WiscWiki, the original project of wiki-savvy folks led by Doug Worsham and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, funded by an OPID Conference Development Grant